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We’re a family that loves to fish.  We have fishing shoes and fishing clothes, fishing gear and fishing tackle.  And now we’ve come up with a patent-pending idea to merge fishing with our jobs, by creating high quality fish logo merchandise.  

We created to promote and display the fish symbols commonly known as catch flags, release flags, brag flags or whatever other name you have for them.  We want the one-time fisherman, the avid fisherman, the tourist fisherman, the weekend fisherman, the fisherwoman to be able to bring the symbol of their catch, off the water and onto land with decals and magnets.

Our goal is to make brands and merchandise a common sight, showing everyone the fishing pride we all have.  To the backs of trucks and trailers to the backs of you and me, show em what you caught.
Tracy Carr with son Chance Fort Lauderdale Mahi Mahi Outing - President & Owner
Brother Mike Mehok with personal best Mahi Mahi - South Florida Sales Representative